If you look at enough LEMC websites, particularly the “membership” or “cuts” sections, you will see a recurring theme something along the lines of “our colors are not bought but earned” or “it’s not easy prospecting for us, but worth it”. Know that very few LEMC’s allow someone to join and immediately be a “Patched Member”. Most Clubs require an applicant to be a prospective member (aka Prospect) for a period of time while the Members and the Prospect get to know each other. Additionally, this is the time for a Prospect to demonstrate his dedication and commitment to the Club. In our view, this could be summed up as, “fit” – How well does the Prospect fit in with the Club? And just as important, is the Club a good fit for the Prospect? This Prospect period is not a hazing nor is it difficult – just a built in time period of familiarization more than anything. It is for this reason that the Blue Thunder LEMC requires a Prospect period for interested applicants (there is an exception for newly formed Chapters). As stated above, “Fit” is the most important aspect for us, as it should be for you. The Brotherhood of the Club is primary for we’re more than just Club Members, we are close friends as well.

In order to qualify as a Blue Thunder LEMC Patch Member, an individual must:

  • Qualify as either a LEO Member or an Associate Member (see definitions below);

  • Be male;

  • Own and ride an American made motorcycle;

  • Successfully complete a Prospect period;

  • Be sponsored by a patched Member in good standing (no prior friendship is required – a patched Member can “sponsor” you once he gets to know you during the Prospect period);

  • Complete a chapter application; and

  • Be approved by ¾ vote.



LEO Member is an individual who meets all Club criteria, and

  1. is an active member of a law enforcement agency having arrest powers or retired member as defined by retired credentials and/or LEOSA certification, or

  2. an active or retired correctional / detention officer, or

  3. an active or retired prosecutor for government.



Associate Member is an individual who meets all Club criteria and although he does not meet the definition of a LEO, has nevertheless demonstrated the qualities of character necessary for membership in the Club.



So if you’re interested, here’s what you do – email us with some basic information about you and a phone number. We’ll chat with you a bit, answer any questions you may have, and start filling you in on when and where we’ll be so you can meet with us in person.